Wednesday, 1 February 2017

hello February!

My first February in Brunei started with pouring rain and rumbling thunder. But also better internet connection, a smoothie made of pineapple and and a giant mango.  Today I'm going to work on a photo-montage for one of my courses, write a rapport for the same course and go to a meeting. I've recently decided to volunteer as a consultant when one of the social clubs here will be refurbished. I will most likely function as some kind of "liaison" between the customer and the architects, which in the end is quite similar to what I used to do back in Stavanger. In the meeting today I hope to get a better idea of the scope and structure of the project because right now I am quite confused. 

Tonight me and Andreas will head to the gym, although after the adventure this weekend we will avoid all muscles groups in the legs... And then I'm making bulgur-salad with that enormous pomegranate in the picture as one of the ingredients.

That's all for now! Have a nice Wednesday, poppets!

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