Wednesday, 8 February 2017

I have read: Vampires in the lemon grove

by Karen Russel

The first book I finished in 2017:

This is a book from my wishlist! I found it via one of those "if you loved XXX then you should read this" kind of threads online and then my dear mother got it for me for Christmas. Right now I can't remember what book XXX that I liked, that in turn led me to this title was, but never mind. This is now the third (?) compilation of short stories that I've read in a pretty short time and that is quite unusual for me. I tend to go for series with preferably ten or more volumes so I can really get to know and love the characters. But recently it's been less of that, especially with the books I actually read rather than listen to.

All of these short stories in this book have in common that they have an element of supernatural in them. Some of them are complete fantasy but in a few the supernatural is just barely there. And they are all very, very different; one is about horses and presidents, one about a soldier and a massage therapist and one about vampires in Italy for example. It's impressive how one person, Russel in this case, can make up all of these so very different worlds and place the reader inside the mind of so very different characters. Impressive.

My favorite? The one about the silk manufacturers, I think.

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