Tuesday, 21 February 2017

I've read: the watchmaker of filigree street

by Natasha Pulley

I bought this book back home in Sweden when I was there over Christmas. I bought it even thou my bag already was way, way too full, partly out of fear of running out of things to read, but mostly because of this charming cover. (The octopus in spite.)

This is the story about, mostly, three people and events happening to them in the Victorian London. Mostly. One of these people is Thaniel ("my dad was Nate"), a poor-ish telegraphist working at the Home Office, but who is secretly an amazing concert pianist, although he can't make a living out of that. The second person is Grace, a rich daughter of a Lord, who dreams of nothing but to pursue a career as a physicist studying the elusive ether. The third main character is Mr Mori, a genius watch maker who can create machines that are out of this world. The lives of these three intertwine in a drama about bombs, terror attacks, marriages of convenience and well, predictions about the future. 

It took a while for me to get in to this story. After a while I became more curious and started to like the setting, but I felt a distance to the characters and wasn't super invested in their fait. This feeling contiuned throughout most of the book, and when I had maybe 30 or 40 pages left I felt really quite disappointed. But, then, just in the final part, a few things happened that I hand't foreseen and I started really enjoying it. Suddenly I saw the characters in a completely different light. And I was thoroughly content with the end.  

I wouldn't mind reading something else by Natasha Pulley in the future.

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