Sunday, 5 February 2017

my creative challenge #2: is it a house, is it a bird?

Time again to recap how creative I've been for the past two weeks!

To be honest, I haven't felt all that creative lately. The trip to Kota Kinabalu and thinking about this refurbishment-project that I'm now (sort of) involved in have been taking up a lot of my brain-space. But, I have squeezed in a few experiments, begun one of my "dream house" projects and finished a painting, so that is something at least! Looking back, the theme of these past two weeks have been "playing around" with different media.

Dream house 1: I'm in the sketching phase, trying to figure out the main structure of one of my ideas for a fantasy house for a friend of mine. The friend in question doesn't actually know I'm doing this so this is basically just my idea on how I think this friend in particular should live. And it's a way to get used to working in Revit again, with less resources available than when I worked and have the full version.

Pencil and watercolor horn-bill: Yeah, this isn't my best work. But I've decided to post things here that are not good, or finished and maybe even things I am a little bit ashamed off. I've decided I want a picture of a horn-bill on the wall of our bedroom, and I have also decided I want to practice working with watercolor, something I am not used to at all. It is just so hard to control and predict and I always end up overworking it. This one will not end up on a wall, but it was nice to play around.

Ten minute self portrait: Another quick experiment! This was fun, I went a bit crazy with the Pro-markers and realized pretty soon that the paper I was working on didn't suit these pens at all. The colors started bleeding and after a while I had produced a giant-eyed monster with badly chapped lips... I tried to save it with a white pencil but, well... I'm quite happy with the hair-color though!

Acrylic lady and monstera: I've been working on this painting on and off for a little while, but I've had the image in my head since Kaisa (Kobran hugger till) posted this photo on Instagram. I loved they way she looked, so bold and cool and chilled on her sofa with that pretty plant next to her. I liked the composition and wanted to recreate it. Stupidly I painted this over an old painting and the surface was lumpy and uneven, so it was hard to get some details right. I never had any other ideas with this more than that I really liked her photo (and her, she's brilliant) but as I was filling in the last of the leaves I was thinking "this is a person that writes about body-positivism and I place her next to this big and beautiful plant that has just grown and is taking over this room being all proud and showing off it's luscious greenery, it's kind of symbolic in a way". Right? I might add some more details to the leaves at some point but right now I feel I want to start something new so I'm going to let her be for a while. 

Space-ey: I'm working with photo-montages in one of my courses and while I was doing that I ended up making one that didn't have anything to do with the course but that I liked. A combination of photos from Pixabay, where you can get free images with no copyright. Niiiice.


  1. Men så fint! Du är ju superskicklig! Får jag lägga ut den på insta/bloggen? Kram!

    1. Meh tack, äsch *rodnar* Men jamenvisst, lägg ut om du vill! Heter holly_hawkeyes på Insta om du vill länka. Kram!