Sunday, 19 February 2017

my creative challenge #3 sketching and sewing

Wow, these past two weeks just flew by, and I can't say I've felt very creative, really! I've been on the look-out for something new to paint and found a few inspirational photos, and since I received these in the mail I've been rediscovering the fun of just sketching and doodling in black and white. I had a few plans about sewing projects but ended up mostly just tackling my "to mend" pile. Very satisfying but not very creative.

Anyway, here goes:

Portrait in acrylic paint: Starting from a black background was fun and will probably result in a different look than what I usually end up with. This portrait is based on a photo I found on Instagram, but I will get back to that next time when I'm hopefully finished and can show you more.

Cat-people doodles: So yeah, I know this is in no way a unique thing, making human-looking animals or drawing a cats head on a human body, but, well, it's cute.

Sewing: Well, as I said, this was not very creative work... but I did end up mending and altering eight items of clothing and I feel pretty good about that so I think it counts, maybe not as creative work, but work I did with my hands, so that's good. Among other things I removed the sleeves from a dress I bought online from ASOS but that turned out to be a bit too small - but without sleeves it fits fine. Then I tackled this h&m dress I bought at home over Christmas. It had really strange, long sleeves but a lovely print and was made of a soft and cool fabric. Now I adore this dress and hope to wear it a lot.

Dancing people: This is the pre-work of a drawing or painting I'm planning. I want to create something with  dancing people, somehow. We'll see if this turns into something, somehow.

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