Monday, 20 February 2017

study status

It's Monday again and I thought it fitting to update you guys on my studies. Aren't you super excited and curious!? Of course you are. 

Anyway. Since I wrote this post I have been studying for five weeks. Three of the four courses have started, the last one will only last for the final nine weeks of the semester and thus haven't started yet. Last week I realized that I - due to me misreading something on a webpage - had missed a deadline in one of the courses. After some deliberating I have decided to drop that course (the CSS-based web design course). I took this decision partly because the workload in the other two courses would make it less than enjoyable to catch up, but also because one of the other course covers a lot of the same content. Maybe I'll try to take this course next semester or next year if it is available, or not.

Otherwise I still enjoy studying. I have some issues with concentrating on the work, it is so easy to be distracted when you work from home! I have a pretty good schedule that I try to follow, but often end up being distracted by a meowing cat or the realization that it's raining and I should take in the laundry hanging outside to dry. But it is mostly nice. I try to alternate between sitting in front of the computer and sitting outside on the terrace reading. 

The two courses I'm taking right now are very different. One of them covers a very wide range of content, everything from designing a logo and creating a webpage to editing photos and understanding how we read images and layout. This course includes (obviously) a lot of literature but also practical assignments. The other course is an image editing course that in reality is pretty much a course in Photoshop. Which is great because I want to get better at using this awesome program. It's almost exclusively practical and includes a lot of video-tutorial and tips and tricks. Studying these two parallelly works fine so far and I feel smarter (...) by the end of each study session.


  1. Always love reading your blog, really do. Also: AWESOME pants! :-D

    1. thank you Sylvia! And yass, they are pretty awesome... :D