Sunday, 5 March 2017

my createive challenge #4 illustrator and a pineapple gift

And so another two weeks have passed by... time for another account of my creative progress for the past 14 days.

This time I have a hard time remembering if I have done anything at all! I haven't continued on my acrylic portrait and I haven't been working with either water color or Promarkers... But I have been playing with digital illustration and made one quite creative gift.

Pineapple themed gift set
Last Saturday me and Andreas was invited to a birthday party. I don't really know the people we were invited to that well but still wanted to give them a thoughtful gift. After some browsing on the internetzz I got inspired to do a "pineapple wine bottle" based on this pin. I also decided to add a few other pineapple themed things (an actual pineapple, canned pineapple, dried pineapple, pineapple soda) plus a suitably themed card. This was a fun gift to bring, even though it ended up being a it heavy.

What I used:
  • a wine bottle
  • ferrero rocher chocolathe
  • some green paper
  • a green ribbon
  • glue gun
  • tape

This is how I did: Make a cylinder out of paper and add some "leaves", by just taping them to the inside of the cylinder. Place the cylinder on the bottle and glue the chocolate on it. It's not harder than that! I also glued some pretty paper on the can of pineapple as you can see in the photo below.

I wrapped everything in cellophane and tied off with another green ribbon and the card, but I forgot to take a photo of that. I made the card in InDesign, here you see both back and front, before it's folded.

Digital doodles
The card wasn't the only digital fun I've had this week though. I've been working quite a lot on various school projects but I'm not including them in these posts. But I have also been forcing myself to just sit and "doodle" a bit every now and then as well. Here's the result of some of those lazy doodles from my sketch book, made on the balcony. They are inspired by some of the plants out there. 

And then the result after some digital manipulation of the hand drawings.

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  1. Vad roligt att få leka loss såhär :) Gillade verkligen den sista illustrationen!