Monday, 27 March 2017

pink hair, don't care

I've been dreaming about pink hair now for a while. I mean, it's just so damn pretty! I know it's been trending for several years and I am pretty much the last one to join team candy-floss hair, but at least I have now! More or less... I bought this product fondant colors from Revlon (not sponsored) last summer when I was in Sweden. I was at a hairdresser to freshen up my tired hair with some highlights and got inspired to finally take the step away from blond to pink. But then I never got around to using it and then I came back to Brunei and kind of forgot about it.  But then a while back I sorted through some of my hair-spo photos on Pinterest and got inspired again...
all images from my hair and looks board on Pinterest

So this morning I had a go! This product isn't really a permanent hair dye, so I will have to refresh it quite often, I should think. The process was easy - I blended the right nuance of candy floss that I wanted by using a tiny bit of pink in the white base. Then I applied it to wet hair after washing it and left it in for 15 minutes. I realized pretty much instantly that the color wouldn't take all that much on my hair, especially since I have a really uneven color to begin with with dark blond roots and yellowish blond in the lengths. I was completely aware that the result would end up looking washed out and uneven, but to be honest that was kind of the look I was after.

I plan to repeat the process pretty soon again and see if I can get a slightly more even and saturated look, but considering the minimal effort I am totally happy with my new color! It might end up being temporary, but I smile every-time I catch glimpse of myself in the mirror so far I say this is mission accomplished for now.

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