Wednesday, 1 March 2017

resolutions check, february

It March and all of a sudden it's time to check back in and see how I'm doing on my New Years resolutions! So, was February a success?

  • Paint my toenails often. Because looking down on brightly colored toes makes me happy.
    Yep! But my choice to go fro gold wasn't all that inspiring, it looked a bit too dirty for my taste.
  • Run 10K, once. Like without stopping for a rest
    Sooo, here's the deal. I DID IT! I've been following this program on my Runtastic app, and already two weeks ago I managed to jog 10 kilometers. It took a while, but I didn't stop. So, should I update this goal or just... stop now? I think I'll keep on this program, with the goal of running 10K in under 60 minutes. We'll see if I can keep my motivation. 
  • Take an online photo course and start to use my camera on "manual" setting
    Nope, nothing new here. More than that I'm frustrated on how bad I am. 
  • Bake my own bread, at least once
    Nope, not even semlor...
  • Find one really good friend in Brunei
    I'm slowly getting to know more people, but I haven't got a bestie here yet
  • Take 60 kg in bench press
    Haven't really increased that much here, status 45 kg with max 6 repetitions. 
  • Make one new proper friend via Instagram or a blog
    No news here!
  • Start an online portfolio
    Not yet. But I'm making plans. Maybe the online portfolio will end up being a homepage.
  • Grow my hair long and learn how to make a Dutch braid.
    Weeeeell. I gave it a shot once or twince, but I have to keep practising! Hair keeps growing though, don't have to put much effort into that.
  • Read 20 books, 5 of them non-fictional
    I've finished one fictional book this month and began reading one fictinal and one non-fictional. But non of them have really caught my interest so my progress is quite slow. This is not including my school books though, I actually like them quite a lot.
  • Be nicer to my skin: use lotion on my dry hands and legs on a daily basis and develop some kind of skin-care routine for my little face. Plus use at least SPF20 on my face, every day
    I totally managed to burn my neck and shoulders this weekend... otherwise it's ok, but I would like to get into a routine where I use a mask like once a week.
  • Only eat good candy, not boring candy. And enjoy it. 
    Almost only good candy. I still have a little bit of Swedish candy left but had to "dilute" it a bit with what i could find at SupaSave and it's not that awesome. 
  • Try to reduce my screen time a little bit.
    I've been reading quite a lot, but I have also watched the four first Batman movies and the Netflix series the OA, plus me and Andreas are in the middle of watching all of the Bourne movies. 

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