Thursday, 2 March 2017

tropical gardening, mars 2nd

I know most of you who read this blog are longing for spring and the trees to become green again, am I right? So I was thinking I could show you a bit of whats growing on our balcony/patio right now, to get your minds off the grey of winter! We've been building up our garden ever since we moved here, and I have also already started with a few "green projects" before this week, but these past few days I have really felt the urge to watch things grow again.

Most of my projects stands on the floor along the balcony railing. Our balcony/patio/veranda is completely covered with a roof  with quite a lot of overhang (and screened off with mosquito netting) so it's almost always shady out there. Which is nice. But down on the floor the plants will get some direct sunlight in the mornings.

Watermelon, cucumber and in the far back a bougainvillea that I'm growing from a cutting. 

Mystery pots! I've planted two mango seeds in the pot to the left, I'm  sure these will grow pretty fast to begin with, and then there's a baby avocado and hopefully what will be sunflowers soon... 

A small mango plant and more cucumber. So exciting to see if we can actually get any fruit from either of these! This cucumber have grown reeeeeally fast... 

I've grown some small tomatoes plants from seed that I just re-potted a few days ago. I think they survived the trauma, crossing my fingers...

I keep a home-made planter (made from a shoe box and a plastic bag) on the rail. 
Hopefully there will grow strawberries here soon...

Next to this little cashew-nut tree (I bought it "ready-grown", so to speak) I'm trying to cultivate kiwi and strawberries from seeds. not very hopeful about these... I also saved some small green things that grew out from a plant I keep inside, we'll see if something grows out of them. On the table I keep a pineapple that I successfully grew from one that we ate, and that I should really give a bigger pot soon. I also keep a vase with cuttings and a small plants from the garden I don't know the name of but that really seem to thrive in the dinosaur-pot. 

On the railing I keep another three avocado-seeds and an old egg-carton that will 
hopefully be the home of some baby artichokes and orange marigolds soon!

I also have plans on trying my luck with seeds from citrus fruits, kiwi and pomegranate. We can't keep any fruit trees or vegetables down in the garden since the monkeys will eat them, but hopefully we can keep things hidden enough on the balcony so they don't try to get in. They have already tried once when we had a small citrus tree in the corner, close to the stairs, so there is a risk... I'll keep you updated!

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