Thursday, 27 April 2017

feline affections

I think cats have an unfair reputation when it comes to loving their humans. I know all of us cat people know that our furry friends are fond of us, but everyone else seems to think that the cats just hang out with you when they want something - food or cuddles. My cats quite often behave in a way that makes it obvious this is not the case. It goes like this: I will be hanging out with them somewhere in the house but then need to move, doing something in another room for a while. Like working on the computer, reading a book or whatever. After a while, I'll look up from what I'm doing and there they are, one or both of them, having moved into the same room as me and now lounging on a chair or sleeping in a box, within a meter or so from me. Not meowing or in another way calling for my attention, just hanging out.They don't get anything out of this relocation - except the knowledge that I'm close by. So. For me, this is proof that they want to be with me, not only because I give them treats or belly rubs, but simply because they like me.

Then, of course, there are the times when they totally want something, mostly food (Hugo) or going out on the balcony (Cricket). Then they will reach up and pat me on my shoulder when I sit on a chair (yes that's how tall they are) or walk back and forth on the keyboard or my face or whatever needs to be done to get my attention. But that's another thing.

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