Thursday, 6 April 2017

I've read: the thinking woman's guide to real magic

by Emily Croy Barker

This book was a Christmas gift from my mom! One that was on my wishlist after I found it online somewhere. 
This is the story about Nora, who after the rehearsal dinner of one of her friends takes a stroll in the mountains and gets lost. Only to find herself in a beautiful garden and befriending a beautiful, mystical woman who convinces her to stay for a while and join a party. After that all kinds of strange and magical things starts to happen but Nora isn't all that bothered - her life wasn't all that much fun before this anyway! Hanging out with this woman and all of her enchanting friends, plus her hot son, is so much better! And then the troubles begin. Obviously. There's magic. And monsters. 

When I first started reading i was not impressed. For the first fifty pages or so I thought it was silly, and I didn't like the main character at all. The writing was good and I liked the set up, but I just wasn't convinced I would ever feel any sympathy for Nora. But then maybe a hundred or so pages into the book - once Nora has changed location again (I don't want to spoil too much) it started growing on me. As other, more interesting characters were introduced I started to really like it! It got exciting! And complex!

As I finished reading this book I immediately went online to try and find a sequel. Turns out Troy Barker is currently  writing one! Which is both frustrating but promising... Can't wait! Well, I can, and I will, but well, you know. 

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