Saturday, 22 April 2017

I've read: Huset vid sjön

By Kate Morton

Another book review! Yep, I've been reading a lot lately...

This one is in Swedish, but I assume it would be called "the house by the lake" or something similar in English. I got it from my mother in law who left it behind after they had visited in March. 

I didn't have any expectations at all when I started reading it, except that it would be an easy read - suitable for a vacation. And it fulfilled that! The story is one of those that are told from to points in time, parallelly. One is the story of a child going missing in the 1930's, and one is the story of a police trying to solve the case in 2003. She is going through some drama of her own and takes up this cold case as a bit of "hobby" while trying to sort that out. Like most stories like this it is at first hard to see how the stories will connect but then... well, they do.

There were several things I liked about this book. You slowly get to know more and more about the characters, especially the ones in the family of the missing child, and the story gets told from almost all of their points of view. There are interesting, unexpected twists. The setting - a beautiful house in Cornwall - is described so well I can see it in front of y eyes, and that time, the 30's, is really intriguing. But then there are some things I'm not a fan of. Like the ending... It's not bad, it's just... too satisfying? 

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