Saturday, 29 April 2017

I've read: neverwhere

By Neil Gaiman

I've had this book unread in my bookcase for a long time. I don't know how long. But long enough for me to forget I had it and buy another copy in Singapore last month. Oh well, time to read it, right? In the foreword Gaiman describes how he wanted to write a story for that would do for a grown up what books like the Narnia series did for him as a child. 
This is the story about the Londoner Richard, a very normal guy with a job and a fiancee, who one days finds himself in a completely different London that he can't escape, and where rats are treated like royalty and a mysterious girl called Door is in trouble. 

This story also includes two of my favorite villains, Mister Croup and Mister Vandemar, two not all together human assassins who really, really enjoys hurting people. 
I know I have started reading this book before, and most likely I've had it as a audiobook but not finishes listening to it, because I recognize the beginning, and I remember Croup and Vandemar. It feels very familiar, but I know I never read or listened to a few pages. I can't understand why because this is a perfect book for me. Magic, mysteries and monsters. With humor and clever and imaginative writing. 

I think that Gaiman has used this "universe" or some of the characters in others stories and now I have to find them...

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