Monday, 10 April 2017

my creative challenge #5 various semi-important stuff

The attentive blog-reader will notice that it's been a while since I did one of these posts. I actually decided to drop one of my two "obligatory" creative challenge posts of March just because I had traveled and had visitors, so there wasn't much time for creativity. Since then I still haven't come back into the flow of creating just for the sake of creating, but I have still been quite creative. Most of the stuff I have done have been connected to my school-work, but I have also done stuff for the newsletter I'm now an editor of, plus just some stuff for myself...

My visual profile
So I have started to think about and work on a visual profile of my own. This includes a logo and a graphic profile I will use for a homepage, business cards and so on. This might sound a bit weird since I don't have my own business... But my long term plan is to have one and until then I will at least work on my own "brand" for when I communicate with others in professional capacity, which I have to do every now and then.
I'm not going to show anything before it's done, so this iPhone photo of my computer monitor will have to illustrate that process so far.

Illustrating articles
As I'm now responsible for a newsletter that is sent out to a kind of big group I want to make sure it's nice to look at as well as informative. I am not only collecting the material that goes into the newsletter, I'm also designing it. So far I haven't ventured that far off the path that was already laid out before I got this position, but I will probably add a bit more of my own design over time. In the issue that was sent out last week I decided to illustrate a few of the articles, just to make them a bit eye-catching and create a cohesive look. Here's one of those:

Some light"architecting"
I'm helping my cousin with a few sketches on a possible extension of their summerhouse. As this is a house I have fond memories of it feels important to get it right... so today I'm sending over four different versions and see which one they like best. So far it is mostly quick hand-drawings but as soon as they have decided on what way to go I'll start drawing this baby up in Revit. Let's see if I remember how... 

I know it's irritating when I'm writing about stuff but not really showing what it is, but you will just have to see them as teasers. Some of these projects involve other people or are just too undecided - so I want to keep them for myself for a while. But I still want to have a record of me working on them, as these posts are a way for me to acknowledge that I have actually accomplished something even when it feels like I have done nothing for a while...

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