Monday, 3 April 2017

tropical gardening, april 2nd

Wanna see what my green projects looked like in the beginning of March and compare? Have  a look here. In March I have been forced to give up on a few projects, I have tried planting some of my cuttings and added to my collection of avocado seeds.

I have replaced my grown-up pineapple with a new one! This one got its root by standing in water for over a month and now when it's in soil I hope it will start growing... the old big one is now moved to my tiny kitchen-garden on the side of the house. In the vases are some cuttings I've stolen from bushes around the neighborhood. 

Old cuttings now in soil. Some of these had developed roots and some not, let's see who survive!

The cantaloupe seeds have grown big, I should plant them in separate pots now! And a few of my avocado seeds. I add new ones to this collection every week. I'm going to plant a forest. 

The watermelon (and the cucumber)  is growing away from its pot. I have to watch out so I don't step on them.

I'm constantly forgetting to water the seeds I keep next to my cashew plants so now I try to keep them moist by covering them with cut off water-bottles. I still had to replace the old seeds, but let's see if this solution helps. The tomatoes are looking good though! Although I'm going to remove a few from the pot so they don't have to fight for the space. 

Mango, mango, avocado. I had such big hopes about that mango in the middle! It comes from a giant mango I bought from the shop, it was 20 cm long! It has started growing, but very slowly... I hope it will get a growth spurt soon!

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