Tuesday, 2 May 2017

checking in on my new year's resolutions

It's May already! Say whaaa?! Time is moving so ridiculously fast here, somehow. Oh time...
As usual when another month has passed by I have a look at where I stand in regards to my new year's resolutions. Here goes:

Paint my toenails often. Because looking down on brightly colored toes makes me happy.
Painted, but mostly red and pink this month. Boringly traditional.

Run 10K, once. Like without stopping for a rest.
April has been an even worse running month than March was. But I walk a lot. I hope to soon feel up to running again. 

Take an online photo course and start to use my camera on "manual" setting.
Nothing new here, my course work and other obligations take too much time. Maybe this summer. 

Bake my own bread, at least once.
I did bake cookies once this month! Nom... But bread, no.

Find one really good friend in Brunei.
I'm slowly getting to know more and more people, many of them really sweet, but no bestie yet

Take 60 kg in bench press.
I've done 50 now. Closing in! 

Make one new proper friend via Instagram or a blog.
Nah, nope. 

Start an online portfolio.
Nope. I've updated my LinkedIn profile a bit, but no portfolio. Can't say I'm prioritizing this one though. 

Grow my hair long and learn how to make a Dutch braid.
I don't think I've even tried braiding my hair this month. I'm growing tired of the pink now, so I  might do something about that in May.

Read 20 books, 5 of them non-fictional.
I'm still reading loads so I think I will have no trouble finishing 20 books this year. Not so sure 5 of them will be nonfictional though. 

Be nicer to my skin: use lotion on my dry hands and legs on a daily basis and develop some kind of skin-care routine for my little face. 
Uh, I still don't have a routine, really... my skin is OK though, except for dry hands and tons of mosquito bites!

Only eat good candy, not boring candy. And enjoy it. 
After all of the candy Andreas' parents brought for us was finished he and I decided to take a month off from candy-eating. We are three weeks in now, so I can't really say I've been enjoying candy much in April! 

Try to reduce my screen time a little bit.
This past week has been pretty good when it comes to not watching TV and slightly less iPhone-surfing. But that is mainly because I've been working on my courses and editing a newsletter so I've still been in front of a computer monitor. 

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