Wednesday, 17 May 2017

music for a deserted island

I think it was back in January, I was at a party and started talking to this really nice Australian lady. After a while we for some reason started talking about audio-books and podcasts and I asked her what she enjoyed listening to. She then recommended the "desert island discs" series, not really a podcast but a radio-show with a loooong history, accessible via for example the iPhone Podcaster app. If you are Swedish you might - like me - compare this show with "Sommar i P1" except this is in interview format. Basically a famous person is interview - very generally about their life - and gets to chose eight songs that they would bring with them to a deserted island. Hearing these songs and explanations why they were chosen really gives you a new insight (I believe) in who these people are. And the "famous people" interview is all kinds of people, artist, writers and actors but also politicians, judges, journalists and other less "mainstream" celebrities. Here are the ones I recommend you start listening to, but pretty much all of the ones I've heard has been entertaining or at least interesting.

  • Sara Kahn
  • Sir Davit Attenburough
  • Dame Judy Dench
  • Christiane Amanpour

Let's just say that this show has existed for 75 over years, so there are a few to chose from...

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