Wednesday, 3 May 2017

My creative challenge #6 blog-portraits

It's getting harder to write these posts as I don't feel like I have been particularly creative at all lately. It's not entirely true, as I do some creative things in my courses, but those spontaneous creative sessions that I was aiming for this year hasn't been all that frequent during April. Finally last week I had an two evenings in a row when decided to draw for a while, and ended up making two portraits. Both are of Swedish bloggers I follow. I didn't feel inspired enough to scan them before posting them, so you'll have to survive yet another post with crappy iPhone photos, I'm afraid. Other than this I don't think I have anything to share today.

Portrait 1 - Lovisa a.k.a Polichinelle

Based on this photo, from Lovisa's blog

Porrtait 2 - Sandra a.k.a Niotillfem

Based on a photo from Sandra's blog
As I said, I've been doing semi-creative stuff these past weeks as well. It just doesn't feel as creative when it's just working on assignments in my courses, even though I guess they could fall in to that category. Right now I'm working on an illustration in my Vector graphics course, where the assignment was to use a photo as inspiration and "copy" it. Here's a screenshot from my work-space in Illustrator, might be fun to see:

Still a work in progress, but quite fun!

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