Monday, 8 May 2017

today and this week in bullet points

Hello lovely people!

It's the beginning of a new week and I finally feel like I am back in to nice routines and in more or less control of my life. The upcoming 2,5 weeks will be busy with school work and a few other commitments but I feel pretty good about it. The business might show on the blog though...
Anyway, today I've had what I have come to think of as a - for me - very normal Brunei-day. Which means this:

  • I first woke up at about 4 am from super heavy rain pounding on the roof
  • The I woke up again at seven and had breakfast. Inside, which is quite unusual but it was just too humid outside, I didn't feel like eating on the patio
  • at 8:30 I drove to the club for a meeting concerning the remodeling project where i "consult"
  • I was back home at 10 and started working on one of my course assignements, a homepage for a fictional spa
  • at 12 Andreas came home for lunch. We ate and then had coffee on the patio, together with Cricket
  • the afternoon was spent writing html for the spa-homepage with a nail-polish and Netflix break (Elementary) and a break to hang laundry
  • at about 16:30 (which is now) I consider myself done with course work for today and will spend about an hour blogging and working on a design competition I'm taking part of - remodeling  a guestroom
  • at 18:00 I'll meet Andreas outside his office and we'll go to the gym
  • we'll be home and eat dinner at about 20:00 and maybe watch an episode of Daredevil
  • I'll probably finish my day with an evening walk, listening to a podcast, before going to bed at about 23:00

The rest of the week will continue much in the same way, with a few exciting exceptions:
  • tomorrow I'll probably join a training session with "team Europe" preparing for Panaga Nations Cup in a few weeks. I don't know much about this cup more than that it's a yearly, social event where you form teams based on your nationality and compete against each other in various sports. Very expat-ish. I think I'll play soccer, but I don't really know. I'm excited though!
  • On Wednesday I have my first real riding lesson, if the weather allows. I was supposed to have it last Wednesday but it got cancelled due to "big rain"
  • On Thursday morning I'm taking part in a coffee morning for newcomers, as I am now a member of the team that helps welcoming people here (the newsletter I've been talking about is for this organization)
  • Friday is nothing special as far as I know. Which means it will be movie-night with Andreas, one of my favorite things!
  • Saturday will probably include a brunch with some friends in Kuala Belait and then me and Andreas will go to Bandar 
  • On Sunday we are going to a wedding! I'm really excited - and a bit nervous for my outfit - about going to a Muslim wedding, I'm so happy we got invited

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