Sunday, 18 June 2017

long time no cat

Looking at these photos I doubt they actually qualify to be blog-worthy when it comes to quality... I sooo need to become more confident using my DSLR and not just use my iPhone all the time. But. I also don't want to apologize too much for posting them because I truly believe that for every posted photo of cat-paws and fluffly cat bellies out there on the interwebzz the world becomes a better place... And sometimes the exquisiteness of the subject is motivation enough for posting, right? So I give you Hugo, lurking behind the sofa so I almost tripped over him.


  1. MEN ÅH så fiiiiin! Lite lik min Asla också, så det ger pluspoäng! Måste nog gå och tvångskrama min pälsboll nu ;)