Wednesday, 14 June 2017

my 34th birthday

I realize it's been almost a month since my birthday on May 19th, but I couldn't just let it pass without mentioning! It turned out almost exactly like planned and predicted  except maybe for the fact that Andreas actually did wake me up in the morning, I wasn't already awake... The sad part that even though I had a great day, with no pressing course work, I ended up not taking too many photos. I didn't snap a single one of the evening when we celebrated with a bunch of friends on the patio... I took a few with my phone but the quality is just so horrendous I don't want to show them here. What i will share is this collection of gifts my awesome Andreas surprised me with in the morning! Shoes, skirt, dress, cat-cup, and headphones from ASOS (delivers to Brunei....) and DVD's I can't wait to watch! Just waiting for the right time.

Plus there are a few books on the way as well, that didn't arrive in time! Which reminds me I should
start shopping for his birthday in August as soon as possible...


  1. Åh ser nu! Grattis i efterskott! Tycker alltid det är kul att se vad andra fick i födelsedagspresent och särskilt skorna var urfina! Jag tog inte så många bilder heller från min födelsedag, egentligen borde man kanske gjort det. Får bli nästa år helt enkelt! Kram!

    1. Men tack, Sandra! Skorna är perfektion! Lite småsvåra att hitta nåt som matchar till, men jag antar den utmaningen. Och jag hade ju trots allt önskat mig dem... :) Kram!