Friday, 9 June 2017

One year in Brunei-anniversary

Hey people! Today, the 9th of June, I celebrate one year living in Brunei. Just today I feel pretty bored and a bit home sick, but otherwise I'd say things are very good. I wish I'd written a long post about my year here, but this week, since we came home from Hong Kong, I have felt totally uninspired when it come to blogging. I have several post in my "draft-box" but I haven never gelt like spending time in front of the computer. Probably got an overload after all the course work before out trip. Plus, since I last upgraded my iPhone my Blogger app stopped working so now I can't really blog from my phone either. Oh well. I decided I have "sommarlov" (summer holiday) this week with no obligations, so next week when I'm back to more normal routines again I'm sure I'll blog some more.

Anyway. I hope you all have a good weekend people!


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