Sunday, 30 July 2017

I've read: Anansi boys

by Niel Gaiman

Another Neil Gaiman book, surpise surprise! 

This is the story about Fat Charlie, who isn't actually fat, a very normal guy who lives a very normal job, with a sweet girlfriend and a job he doesn't really like. When his estranged and embarrassing dad suddenly dies, in the most embarrassing way, he finds out he has a brother and suddenly his life isn't very normal any more. 

Strange stuff happens, all seem to be his strange brothers Spiders fault. Things start going bad for Fat Charlie, catastrophic even, and then take a turn for the worse. He tries to get out of trouble by traveling over the Atlantic (thrice) and talk his old voodoo-lady of a neighbor. 

It's no secret I like Neil Gaiman's books. They are always exciting, fun and smart. This is no different. I finished in just a few days and now I just want to read another one, just like it.

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