Monday, 7 August 2017


This year I gave myself a 9 week long summer holiday. I know. It is ridiculous, and I am totally aware of how privileged and spoiled I am. So let's focus on what comes next instead. I have now been accepted to the courses I've applied to and it's time to figure out which ones I'm going to take. I've decided to not study full time this semester, though, as I feel I need to start spending time on developing my architect-skills as well as the new skills (which I'm not sure I'll ever have professional use for, really). I've thought through what options I have when it comes to architecture self-studies and as I so far haven't found any appealing online courses I'm just going to try and come up with things myself.

My main goal is simply to find my way back to liking architecture again. For as long as I have been a practicing architect I have stayed as far away as possible from dealing with architecture-related stuff outside my work hours. This means I haven't read articles or magazines on the topic, or worked on projects of my own. It all just stressed me out too much. But  now I think it's time to start doing that, to build my confidence and also to figure out what areas I would like to work in, if I get the chance in the future.

Strategies to find my way back 
  • Get into the habit of reading articles from Architizer and ArchDaily, daily
  • Read or at least leaf through all my old architecture magazines. Mark interesting articles
  • Properly read a few of my architecture books
  • Make simple and quick sketches based on inspiring photographs
  • Get a specific note book for ideas and thoughts on future projects
  • Create a specific folder with inspiring photos and projects in my computer
  • Set aside time every week for "architect work"
  • Watch Ted-talks on interesting topics

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