Tuesday, 1 August 2017

back to reality

It feels really good to be back home. Although it's still weird that this unreal life I live her counts as reality these days.

Today I'm jet lagged... I arrived back home yesterday in the early evening and after unpacking and showing off all of the neat stuff I brought home for Andreas (including the bottle of liquid smoke that had leaked a bit = smelly bag) I fell asleep in the couch when we were watching a movie. Today I had planned to wake up at seven to try and get back on track but it wasn't until 1,5 hours later that I dragged myself out of bed. But that wasn't really unexpected. It usually takes me about three or four days to become normal again after a trip to Europe.

 As my self-inflicted summer holiday officially ended yesterday I decided to spend this day planning what I need to get done this week and sort myself out a bit. The upcoming week I will blog more about what my plans are for this semester, as I figure it out. This week I'll focus on a few administrative boring this that needs to be done, as well as cuddling with the cats and Andreas as much as possible. I've missed them so much! And maybe most important of all, tomorrow is Andreas' birthday so of course that will have to be celebrated properly!

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