Saturday, 12 August 2017

back up in the sadle

You know how I told you my suitcases were brim-full when I came home from Scandinavia? Here's another reason why...

After the introduction package of four sessions I did before my holiday I decided to keep on taking weekly riding lessons this fall. This means that I will spend an hour on horseback every Wednesday morning - unless heavy rain has made the stable grounds unfit for use (happens quite often, this week for example).

I don't feel the same enthusiasm for riding as I did when I began with Lindy hop or roller derby, but I still feel happy I'm doing it. I'm glad to have a new challenge that is so far away from what I usually do. Starting something completely from scratch means that the learning curve can be quite steep which is good for the self esteem. I don't think this will become a new obsession, but it's a really nice reason to leave the house and I get to spend some time with a big animal which is pretty awesome.

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