Tuesday, 22 August 2017

library curtains

When we moved in to this house I suddenly had a lot more - and larger -  windows to work with than in our little urban cottage in Norway. Finding curtains that I liked here in Brunei turned out to be pretty much impossible but luckily I had quite a few old ones stashed away. At one point I'll get around to making a proper house tour for you guys (maybe once I get over the fact that I can't take real-estate agency quality photos), but so far I'll at least show you a part of the house - the "library". This little reading nook is placed just by the entrance - we don't have a proper hallway as you would in a Scandinavian house - and the space is defined by low storage units.

This space has huge windows that provides light for most of the living room, but I have never been all that happy with the curtains. The panel curtains that are hanging here are old, the black ones from our student apartment in Göteborg and the ones with the city pattern is from our first apartment in Norway, I think.

Since the space is a bit visually cluttered with the many colors of the books and artwork set against white, I first thought I wanted a monochrome curtain, or at least something with a minimalist pattern. But then I spotted this curtain at Hemtex when I was back in Sweden and even though this is reeeeeally far away from what I usually go for I can't forget about it.

This pattern remind me of Josef Frank and Svenskt Tenn and brings me back to my childhood home. Maybe it's the fact that the Lamino chair we use here is from that home or it's just because the many colors tie in nicely with what is already going on here, but I really think they would make this space more coherent. I really hope it is still available when I go back to Sweden in September...

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