Monday, 21 August 2017

my creative challenge #7

This post was published by accident with only some of the photos earlier last week. I'm trying to figure out my new blog-app and it doesn't behave the way I want. Just FYI... Back to the scheduled content!

I have made several "creative challenge" posts (see the Labels sidebar for more of them) before as a way to motivate myself to spend more time on creating, but I took a long time off since I haven't felt particularly creative for a while... But now it feels like I'm back! The past two weeks I've spend a little time almost every day just sketching, painting or doodling. The first week I focused on hand writing (as per my plan from this post) and even though it didn't go in the direction I had thought I ended up having a lot of fun with this! I watched a few Youtube tutorials and ended up working on two drawings where the text played the leading role.

I've also begun another little project that I might return to, where I've been trying to get to know a few little monsters a bit better. 

And this second week I've been playing around with water colors! I've been inspired by two bloggers I follow, Alicia and Elisabeth, but this week I didn't try to make anything too fancy. I've painted "free-handed" without sketching first, and I've mostly been trying to familiarize myself with the texture and movement of the paint. I've tried a few different techniques and papers and just trying to understand how the paint behaves. It's really difficult and nothing ever turns out like I plan. I seem to believe that the watercolors will function like acrylic paint, and I always use too much. But it has been a lot of fun and very relaxing. Recommended!

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