Saturday, 19 August 2017

stolen flowers

I think I have mentioned before that I miss having the possibility to buy cut flowers here in Brunei. I've heard that there is one place  in the vicinity where they sell them, but I haven't been there and apparently it's really expensive. I have recently bought new seeds to grow my own flowers in the garden, but if that doesn't work at least I have found out another way to change up the greenery a bit here in the house: by stealing flowers from my neighbors gardens!

Well, to be completely accurate I haven't exactly stolen them... it's more like I have helped pruning a few very overgrown bushes from the neighboring garden - where no-one lives at the moment. So I don't feel particularly guilty. And how pretty are these bright orange and pink flowers? I have no idea what kind of bush this is, but you see them in pretty much every garden here. And that little branch with leaves on, terribly cool pattern, am I right?

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