Wednesday, 23 August 2017

#tbt my little black book

A few years in to my architects studies I realized it didn't do to just go around taking notes in any random notebook. Nope, you needed something to go with the architect look, of course. And, as I also was the kind of person not too ashamed to walk around in a black turtle neck and thick, black rimmed glasses ( a really good look btw, I long to wear it again!) I bought this small, black textile covered notebook. I carried it around in my bag most of the time and even though I had other bigger ones for most of my lecture notes this one had to function as a backup for when I forgot the others as well as serve as sketch book for random ideas and memories. 

I found it the other day and have been enjoying myself looking through it. I started using it 2004 and haven't written in it since 2006, even though there are a few blank pages left. Let's have a look at a few memories from those years:

during one particularly boring lecture ( about concrete and the construction of tunnels I believe) I apparently decided to draw the lecturers instead of taking note on what they were saying. 

Short notes and sketches from a lecture of project that I liked and wanted to remember.
I should look up these now.

Sketches fro a project in my third year, a church, plus some lecture notes

a more than ten year old four-leaf-clover!
I'm sure it means luck finding it a second time too, right?

More random sketches. The left one is a sketch for a house I've had in my mind ever since.
It's nothing special, just a layout I like. I think it's time I actually draw it for real.
It's fun looking back in time and remembering what life was like then. I wonder if I had continued study to become an architect if I'd known what it would be to work as one. Probably yes.

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