Monday, 28 August 2017

this week's plans

Good morning friends! Today didn't begin as I had planned at all, as I for some reason lay awake until 2 am last night, so I decided to sleep in a bit this morning. That meant my early start got delayed and the whole feel of the day has been quite... tired. Oh well. This Monday marks the beginning of the new school semester, during which I'll be taking two courses: one simply named illustration and the other one called visual identity from a sustainable perspective. Anyway.  Besides my courses I have a few other things on my schedule this week, and I thought it might be fun to share!

I had planned on  spending some time familiarizing myself with the courses and their schedules for the semester, but so far there's nothing on the course-webpages...
In the evening I'm going with two of my friends to a Piloxing class, always a certain way to work up a sweat...

I'll have to do some work preparing for a meeting on Wednesday. Plus I'm working on a logo for a friend of mine, depending on how much time the meeting preparation will take I hope to get some work on that done too. If there's already some work that can be done with the courses I'll try to get an overview of that as well.
In the evening Andreas and I'll go to the pool to do some laps.

Unless it has rained a lot my Wednesdays begin with a riding lesson! Directly after I have a meeting for a project I'm working on here, helping out collecting input for the rejuvenation/refurbishment of the local social club. I'll probably spend the rest of the day summarizing and preparing for other upcoming meetings in this project.
In the evening a gym-session with Andreas is on the schedule.

I'm not sure yet, but both Thursday and Friday might be dedicated to meeting for the above mentioned project. Otherwise I'll try to get some actual course work done during these days.
Thursday evenings have become my most eventful ones! After an intensive Piloxing session I just have time for a quick dinner before heading to my Salsa Rueda class.

Most likely a copy of the Thursday, depending on the status of the rejuvenation project... Except for the evening that most likely will consist of a gym session and then relaxing on the patio with Andreas, a book and a beer before dinner.

This weekend will be extra special, since me and Andreas will be driving over the border to Malaysia to stay for a night in Miri. We don't have any other plans than to buy a barbecue and relax at the hotel. It will be nice with some change of scenery, though.

Do you have any fun plan for this week?

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