Thursday, 10 August 2017

three new things in my life

My life here in Brunei isn't exactly full of surprises. Most days look very much like the other without huge variation. Well, except for the days we're traveling I guess, but now I'm talking about everyday life, a normal weekday. Anyway, that's why today feels a bit special, since not one, nor two, but three new... things? happened to me today:

First thing: I met a new potential friend! A while ago I contacted this other currently non-practicing architect living here and asked if she wanted to grab a coffee. I'd gotten her contact info from a friend already before we moved to Brunei, and she wrote a really informative email to me and Andreas before we arrived, that helped me a lot when it came to understanding what life here might be like. Now I've met her in person and she is really nice, plus we share a lot of the same view on our profession. It was surprisingly fun to talk shop again.

Second thing: I went to this fitness class called Pilobox Knock Out, with another friend of mine. Fitness classes hasn't really been my thing before, but it is a social and engaging way of training. Today was my first time ever in this particular class and it was h.o.r.r.i.b.l.e. I mean I felt like would faint. But I also felt pretty good about doing it (afterwards!) so I might try to make this a regular thing. But damn, it was tough! Burpees (hate them) push-ups, jumps, planks. Jeeez.

on my way TO class, looking all naive, sporty and fresh... little did I know...

Third thing: I got a message from yet another friend (maybe I should have called this post "three new friends", instead...) asking if I wanted to join a salsa class tonight. Well, I was so tired after the Pilobox thing I declined but said I'd love to give it a go next week. Later she sent me a video of what they were doing aaaanndd... It looks hard. I mean, I can't dance salsa! Plus this was some kind of line-dance version I've never seen. But hey, I've always said I like to try new stuff so I'll try it for sure. 

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