Friday, 25 August 2017

what I'm wearing

I haven't been posting an outfit in forever! I've had some problems finding a bright enough place to take the photos, plus getting dressed hasn't felt as much fun lately. But now, to motivate myself to wear "proper" clothes during the days (and not just sweats and pajamas) I'm going to try and document av few outfits every now and then. These posts are actually some of the more fun ones for me to look back on!

When I'd just moved here I wrote a post on how difficult I thought it was to figure out what to wear here. I think I have that pretty much sorted out now, and even though I'm a bit sad the greater part of my wardrobe (most of my dresses) goes mostly unused I have a few "uniforms" I return to:


Wide and thin black culottes from Indiska
Top from Lindex
Black knitted jacket from Vero Moda


Navy culottes bought in South Korea
T-short from H&M
Jersey jacket from Indiska


Shirt from Monki
Trousers from Mango
Shoes gift from Andreas

Light and airy fabrics, loose fitting and surprisingly covered in spite of the heat here. And I'm suddenly a person that wears trousers almost every day! I rarely go in shorts or skirts here. It might sound a bit strange but it's mostly because the climate here not so much the culture. If I wear a skirt I'll get thigh-rashes because of the heat and sweat and since it's usually quite chilly indoors it's nice to be covered. That's also the reason why I almost always wear a cardigan inside. I guess it looks odd that I mostly wear dark colors even though it's perpetual summer here, but that simply because I like darker colors better.

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