Friday, 1 September 2017

august resolution audit

August is over and it's time to once again have a look at if I'm keeping up with my New Year's Resolutions - this time the updated ones!

  • Start scuba diving again
    not yet. And no set plans on when this will happen either. But I haven't given up
  • Become a person that runs
    Well, in August I have gone out for a run at least once a week, every week! Think this is a pretty good start.
  • Paint my fingernails with fun designs more often
    Not super often, but yes, I've had some fun with this - see photos for proof!
  • Try galloping at least once
    I was supposed to, this Wednesday, but my lesson got cancelled because of heavy rain... :(
  • "Read" five of my architect-books
    I've started, I've picked out the once I want to read and started with one of them, however that one was so boring I will not be able to finish it.
  • Go 90 days straight without shopping clothes
    So far so good, yes
  • Eat vegetarian at least two days per week
    In August I've eaten all vegetarian 12 out of 31 day, so it's looking good.
  • Post three blog posts per week
    Looking good so far, in August I posted 19 posts, which equals more than four per week, yay!
  • Complete at least one project for my portfolio
    This seems to be the hardest one... haven't even started
  • Take 90 kg in dead lift and 60 kg in deep squats
    Phew, this is a goal that will be hard to complete. Right now I'm at 60 kg on deadlifts, 40 kg in squats and 45 kg in bench. Although that is with reps, haven't tried what PB I have with just one rep yet.

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