Tuesday, 19 September 2017

hair and there

Before I left for my trip I spent an hour or so cleaning out our bathroom cabinet. I did this partly because it felt like a mess but also because I wanted to have a look at all of the hair stuff I had in preparation for my trip - when I go on dance events I like to bring a bunch of fun accessories and this time was no exception.

Should I show up in this pale pink fascinatior?

Or just tone it down with a classic black hairband?

A black polkadotty fluff ball is always fun...

...or maybe this Greek godess look?

Or another polkadotted creation? In pink tulle?
Actually none of these made the cut this time. But I do look forward to doll myself up a bit for the evening parties at the castle. It's been a while! I'll ask my friend Alison to document my best look of the week so I can show you later...

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