Monday, 11 September 2017

this week

Another Monday, people!

Today I feel productive. Or at least, I have to be productive, because suddenly it came over me that I only have three whole days until I'm off on Thursday. I'm going to Sweden for almost a week, before spending yet another week in an old castle in Germany, dancing, just like last year. Crazy. I am of course looking forward to it, but it also stresses me out a bit. I still don't feel I have my courses under control, not because there's too much to do, not at all, but because neither of the courses have posted an actual schedule for the semester, making it quite hard to plan. As per usual when things feel a bit too much "up in the air" I make lists. This is what the upcoming fours days will look like for me:

  • check in on my course webpages, what needs to be done before I leave? Can I do anything while I'ma away?
  • make sure everything is in control with the building rejuvenation project I'm involved with 
  • print all travel documents, make sure everything is ok with flights and hotels and check baggage allowances for the flights

  • work on sustainable branding exercise
  • check if a new illustration assignment has come up
  • starts packing, wash and iron everything I want to bring
  • maybe go to a yoga class?
  • book a taxi for the airport

  • Riding lesson in then morning - if it hasn't rained too much. Let my instructor know I will be away for the next two weeks
  • finish the branding exercise
  • eat lunch with some friends
  • finish potential illustration assignment
  • finish packing, weigh the luggage and then consider removing stuff...

  • begin the day with a long walk or a short run, there will be a lot of sitting down later...
  • make sure I have my passport and phone packed! the rest is replaceable... 
  • cuddle a LOT with the cats 

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