Thursday, 7 September 2017

what I want to wear right now

As the new season begins - at least in some parts of the world - I see more and more fashion on blogs and Instagram accounts that I follow. And my shopping nerve is twinging. You might think it's strange that this can influence me even as I live in a really really hot place with no autumn at all, but it does. I also want to renew myself, dress in cool "back to school" outfits and layers... I have promised myself to cut back on shopping so instead I decided to put my (online) shopping habit to use in making a few mood boards of what I like right now. I'm thinking it might help me rediscover things in my closet and if I end up shopping when i go back to Sweden next week at least I'll be better prepared to only buy what I really want.

The moodboards are made from items from only three shops, H&M, Lindex and Zara. For the only reasons that I can usually fins things I like there and because I'm lazy. I'm not sponsored and I'm sure these styles are quite common in other stores as well..

work wardrobe

plain, light and airy but with elegant details
dusty pink, navy, cream camel and emerald

hang out at home wardrobe

loose, light and comfortable, layers
pale green and pink, emerald and floral patterns


  1. Den mönstrade klänningen i det sista kollaget från lindex. TACK FÖR TIPS. Måste gå och kolla in den direkt!

    1. vassego! Lindex förvånar mig ibland med fina saker!