Tuesday, 3 October 2017

back in biznzz

Greetings from a jet lag zombie. Man. I thought I had fared better this time as I slept pretty good the first two days back. But tonight I didn't fall asleep until four am and forced myself to leave bed at 8:40. Good times. I also have a cold, but that's just to be expected.

Anyway. It is obviously worth it. Late Saturday night I came back home from spending one week hanging out with friends and family in Sweden, and then another week dancing in Germany. I'll post a little something about my trip later this week, but for now I just need to spend some time in the here an now. 

I began my week back home more businesslike than I usually do, with a 2,5 hour long meeting with the expat organization I'm involved in. Then I came back home just in time to have lunch with Andreas and after that (plus a nap) I spent some time trying to get an overview of what I need to get done this week. I do this every Monday, with my beloved "bullet journal" which isn't anything as fancy as a Moleskin notebook or anything like that, but my old Filofax from high school. Love it though. I keep allllll my lists in there.
I have so. many. lists. 

Today it's Tuesday and according to my BuJo I'm going to spend most of it studying and finishing the newsletter I'm editing. It's good to be back. Just wish my brain will come back here to me soon too.

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