Sunday, 8 October 2017

being attached to a wall color

so, as you might know we are renting out our house in Stavanger. Recently our old tenant decided to move out, but we got a new one pretty soon. So what about that? Well, a few days ago we got an email from the agent dealing with all of the tenant relating stuff for us locally in Norway that the new tenants had asked if they could repaint out blue walls. White. And I don't want them to! Because I love that color, and I remember how much hard work it was to get it just right and that we had to return to the shop because they had mixed the wrong shade and... all of those hours I spent painting!

But of course they are allowed to paint. I know how important it is to be able to feel at home where you live. And maybe my beautiful blue just doesn't go with they sofa or whatever. And maybe I wont even live in that pretty little cottage ever again... And... *insert crying emoji here*

Anyway. To commemorate the blue walls, here are a few photos of how cute they are/were.

That long dark hair + blunt bangs... I miss it...

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