Thursday, 26 October 2017

dysfunctional devises

Hello, and happy Thursday!

selfie of the day

I had planned to write a nice little post about some pretty clothes that I just recieved from an online shopping spree at ASOS a few weeks back, but I can't edit the photos in Photoshop because apparently I don't have enough space on my C-drive... maaaan... so annoying. And, as if that wasn't enough my phone, a three year old iPhone 6, behaves like a three year old child that doesn't want to do anything that I do, but just wander of by itself opening random apps and writing random sh*t. It's been behaving like this on and off since May, but today it's been so bad I can hardly use it at all, so I guess I just have to bite the really expensive bullet and buy myself a new one. I'm thinking an 8, not a X.

OK, so that was all of the annoying things for today. I'm generally in quite a good mood today, actually, I've slept really well lately, I'm back on my normal, good routines and I have lots of fun things going on the upcoming weeks. Plus, this morning I went for a jog and surprised/was surprised by a monitor lizard - something I count as a preeeeeetty fun way to start a day with. Not so much the jogging part, I really don't like that, but you should see a monitor lizard running, it's hillarious! Wait, I'll find a YouTube video of it for you...  There we are!  Look at him go! Aaaahahahaha!

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