Monday, 16 October 2017

hopefully, this week...

... will be filled with a bit more energy than the past two!

I've felt pretty "meh" ever since I came back from my trip to Europe. The first week I could blame jet lag and a cold, but last week's funk was probably more a result of boredom and lack of initiative. I know how to break these patterns - by actually doing stuff - so I plan to do just that this week. I have decided to get a bit more involved in the big refurbishment project I've consulted on a bit here - this will mean more work for me including more scheduled meetings which is always a good way to force more routines in to place.

Anyway, this is what my week will look like as far as I know now!

Work with refurbishment project, mapping user requirements. This means reading notes from meetings and summarize it all in an excel sheet. One of the less glamorous sides of architect life! I'll spend the early evening doing a "boot camp" workout with some friends and hopefully have enough energy to do some sketching later tonight. I have a new motif in mind.

The day begins with yoga. I've planned on going to this particular session every week for months but always found an excuse not to, but damn it, this week is the week! The rest of the day will be spent on course work and rearranging furniture in our gym/guestroom. I hope to have made that drab little space into something a bit more welcoming by the end of this week... In the evening I hope to do some laps in the pool, but this is depending on weather. The pool closes during thunders and as we are in one of the rainy seasons there's thunder and lightening quite often.

Another weather depending activity - riding - is first on my schedule every Wednesday. The rest of this day is fairly unplanned so far, I might go to Kuala Belait to do some errands, or maybe just stay home to study, we'll see. In the evening there's another boot camp workout, we'll see if I'll go to that or not, depends on how sore I am from tonight's session...

This day will be a bit more exciting! There's a team meeting for the refurbishment project before lunch and in the afternoon I'm attending a Brunei cultural awareness workshop! I have no idea what that'll be like, but I'm sure it'll be informative. In the evening I have a Salsa rueda class.

I have decided to dedicate my Fridays to architecture related work. This week I'll continue to work on the drawings for my brother's summer house (I'm just making the as-is drawings for now, in preparation for future remodeling) and maybe start reading another of my architecture books. I should also research online Revit courses...

On Saturday I'll sleep late and cuddle with the cats! In the evening I'm going to a bachelorette party for my friend Jenni, and I also have to prepare something for the potluck dinner...

No big plans. I might be lounging in front of Netflix with Andreas and the cats, decorating the guestroom, doing some ironing... that sort of things.

Well, I already feel way more productive and energized now that I have an overview of this week! Isn't it funny how these things work...

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