Sunday, 29 October 2017

I've read: the bone clocks

by David Mitchell

This is the third book I've read by David Mitchell, the second in a row. I found out about this one after reading The bleak house a year ago, and since I liked that one and supposedly this one would take place in the same universe I was curious to read it too. 

In the first part of the book we are introduced to Holly Sykes, a young English girl that one day decides to run away from home after an argument with her mum. After leaving her small town in search for a job and somewhere to stay she first runs in to an old lady called Esther Little, who gives her a cup of tea and ask if Holly will grant her asylum if Esther will need it in the future. Holly doesn't understand what that means, but says yes. After leaving Esther she runs in to Ed, a boy from her school, who gives her a ride on the back of his bike and suggests a strawberry farm nearby as a good place to find a job. This all seems like a quite normal story, but slowly but surely strange people start showing up, and horrible things happen. Without really understanding the forces behind these weird things, only getting glimpses of characters that seem to be able to change bodies, and an ongoing secret war, the story jump forwards a couple of years, and is now told from another persons perspective - this time a young, posh man called Hugo Lamb. 

The rest of the book continues in the same way. We get to know a new character, we learn a little bit more about the secret war between these strange body-changing people and then the story switch perspective again. The same characters return, but in a new context, and older. We'll meet Holly again, a young adult, a grown up, and so on. In many ways I think this book is a mix between the two other Mitchell books I've read, the fragmented story telling, starting in the past, passing the present and ending up in the future, and taking place in a universe where most people live life just like ours, but there are some supernatural elements and a secret world only a small group of people know about.

I liked this book. I din't love it. Some times I felt it was just too long, and after reading tow other books where the story all of a sudden take a jump a few - or many - and a new protagonist is introduced I was a bit fed up with it. But it is still - at least by the last third of the book - really exciting. Now I want to read a nice long series where I get to follow the same person for a nice long while.

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