Friday, 6 October 2017

my courses, one month in

Earlier this year I decided to only study halftime this fall semester, since I felt there was some many other things I wanted to spend my time on as well as studies. I chose two 25% courses from the Linneaus University, Visual Identity from a Sustainable Perspective and Illustration 1. It is a bit unfair to review these courses already, as it still feels like I'm only getting started, plus I've been eater sick or traveling since the semester began so the studies have had to take a bit of a back seat. But still. Here's my thoughts so far:

Visual Identity from a Sustainable Perspective
I'm slowly getting an idea of what this course will be about, and it seems interesting. I bought one of the books as a e-book and the other I ordered to my moms house so I could pick it up when I was back home now. So I'm not all caught up in the literature yet. But the content seems relevant and I feel good about adding another perspective to the graphic design track I've been exploring now for the past year.
The only bad thing about this course is that I'm not completely happy with the interaction with the teachers. When doing an online course you rely on getting fast feedback and replies to your questions, otherwise it's really hard to get started. I still haven't received an answer to my question on whether we'll ever get a schedule for the semester. Not knowing when there will be deadlines makes it hard to plan ahead, and as this is only a part time course I expect I'm not the only one juggling other projects, courses or even work together with this course.

Illustration 1
In one way I am super thrilled about this course. I haven't felt this excited about a topic in a long while, and I have started dreaming of changing career and becoming an illustrator! Perhaps not the most realistic dream - I mean there are sooo many talented artists out there with an actual art background trying to survive as illustrators, it feels pretty arrogant to just believe this is something I could just jump in to as well, but...
Then, on the other hand, the course feels very basic. My excitement for it relates more to the fact that it inspires me to draw more myself and begin play around more with techniques, but the content of the lectures feels a bit meh. Again, I only just got one of the books from when I picked it up in Sweden so maybe this will all feel more substantial when I get caught up with the reading.
On the positive side - in this course the schedule is very clear - we have one video lecture and one assignment every week, and we can chose to hand them in weekly or by the end of the course. Simple and flexible.

As the 15th of October is rapidly approaching (last date for applying to courses in Sweden) I've already stared to ponder what I will do next semester. Unfortunately it seems like I have already taken most of the online design courses available from regular universities right now. I don't want to keep repeating me too much by taking similar courses to the ones I already done. At the moment I'm looking at taking a course through a private school, like Berghs or Forgsbergs. These courses costs money though, so I will have to be sure I really want/need can benefit from them.... tough choice.

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