Tuesday, 17 October 2017

my creative challenge #9 drawing, drawing, drawing

I've been lazy and slow a lot of the time these paste few weeks, but in one are I've been more productive than in ages! I feel like I finally have gotten in to a nice routine of drawing and sketching a little bit every day. Which is great, because I love doing it! I have a few ongoing projects that I hope will end up becoming something I can add to a potential portfolio at some point, but I have also just been drawing for the sake of fun.

Realistic graphite otter
Every now and then I like to practice realistic drawing. It's challenging and fun. This time I did this little happy otter from a photo I found online.

Portrait with an attitude
I really enjoy drawing portraits, and especially ones of people making not just a normal pretty face. I usually find my inspiration on Instagram or blogs, where some really awesome people post selfies that are just too good to just be lost in the never ending stream of faces. This one is of Kajsa, a favorite motif of mine! I'm going to refine this one a bit... I'll show you when I'm done...

Mab Graves' #drawllooweenclub
For the past few years one of my favorite artists - Mab Graves - have hosted a drawing challenge in October, leading up to Halloween. The theme is - obviously - Halloween inspired and you are supposed to post an illustration/doodle/artwork every day depicting the monster of the day. I started of solidly, and decided to make sort of a monster ABC, but lost momentum after nine days... Still, this was a lot of fun and since the doodles mostly took between 15 and 30 minutes to complete I'm quite happy with how most of them turned out!

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