Friday, 20 October 2017

retro/bollywood/disco party

It's Friday and what is better on a Friday than some party-party? Well, a lot of things, I guess, but no matter, here are a few photos from last weekend when I went to a big party. 

Every year there are a few "community-events" here where we live, arranged by some of the larger social communities in the area. There's the Highland Games organized by the Scottish community, a fair hosted by the Brunei Brits, the Latino Night (coming up in a few weeks) by the South Americans and now the Bollywood night, organized by the Indian community. Many of the parties have themes and you are encouraged to dress accordingly. I had originally planned to stay home this night, and only bought my ticket the day before, so my costume was a bit hastily assembled. The theme for the night was retro (specified as styles from the 60's-90's) combined with Bollywood, and I decided to just pick one of my vintage pieces from my closet and go from there.

I chose from these four, a pale mint-colored 50's dress with beads, and three dresses from the early 60's, one in floral cotton, an beige wriggle dress and one in luxurious thick fabric and autumn colors. 

I ended up going for the beige one, mostly because the fabric is lightweight and I thought it would look good with a beehive up-do... 

Not my usual silhouette! I styled it with white heels, a vintage bag, my most retro-looking glasses and some pearls. My goal was to look like a 60's housewife and I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Most other people went for hippie costumes, 60's OP clothing or saris, so I guess I stood out a bit! It was a fun night, even though it started pouring rain at about ten, so we all got pretty soaked while dancing. Luckily it was still warm enough not to bother us too much.

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