Tuesday, 31 October 2017

This week's busy schedule

This will be a strange and unusually active week for me! I'm only two days in and I've done more than I usually do for a whole week. Yesterday I had to work hard to complete tasks for my two most "work like" projects, and today I've been away for the whole day on a team-building event in the capital, Bandar. Tomorrow I'm in meetings all day and then I have to prepare the house for our guests that will arrive in the middle of the night! My brother and his partner will visit until Sunday, and then I'll then join them for a five day vacation in Thailand. And before leaving we will manage to squeeze in (yet another ) visit to the capital plus two nights in a hotel in the rain-forest in Malaysia. Oh, and the day after I come back from Thailand there's a giant latino-themed party here.

I tell you, it's crazy. But great. Except for all the driving I will have to do for the next few days. i hate driving.

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