Monday, 6 November 2017

I bought stuff

So it seems I will fail my "no shopping for 90 days in a row" goal for 2017.

Here are a few items that I could pick up from the post office here in Brunei, two weeks after I ordered them from ASOS. The themes are a continuing fascination for tropicana patterns and an attempt on adding a bit more pink to my otherwise so black, blue and green closet. So, how did they all fit?

I was already a bit skeptical about the green of this skirt from Warehouse, and it ended up being maybe five shades more bright (neon) green than I thought from the photos online, but hey, there are pretty tigers and trees on it, sooo... I have already cut off ca 4 inches from the length you see in this photo since it was way too long, but the fabric is nice and light and the fit in the waist perfect.

This knee length caftan from Monki was really hard to shoot but it's pretty, trust me. Beige palm leaf print on a thin (not super comfortable) fabric. It has a few buttons in the front so it can be worn as a cardigan or some kind of  dress is you wear tights and a top under.

I'm packing both of the next two pieces for my Thailand trip... I use thin open cardigans a lot here, it's great to wear indoors over a dress when the air is cool from the AC. The dress is a bit shapeless in the upper body and looks better with a belt, but I do love the print. 

Another pink little thing! I wore this last week on our team building day and it was quite comfortable, except the fabric got a bit clammy when it got hot. But it has a nice fit in the body and lovely butterfly sleeves that feels like the perfect style for when you want to dress modest enough for a Muslim country but airy enough for a tropic country. 

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