Wednesday, 1 November 2017

october resolution check

Hi November! The months pass by here in Brunei without much difference. Well, it's been raining a lot in October, but otherwise it's been same old, same old. One way for me to mark the passage of time is to look back on the month that was and see how I have done with my long lists of goals for 2017. So, here's how I did during October:

  • Start scuba diving again
    still no news here. Meh. :(
  • Become a person that runs
    Since the 1st of October I've been running 4 times. Not too bad!
  • Paint my fingernails with fun designs more often
    Getting better here, best of this months was my Dalmatian nails matching my top one day. 
  • Try galloping at least once
    I've started doing this slowly but surely, even though my last two lessons have been less than satisfactory from my part. But I now consider this item as completed!
  • "Read" five of my architect-books
    I have read 1/4 of one and 1/3 of another...
  • Go 90 days straight without shopping clothes
    It's been a few weeks since I bought anything now, but I don't think I'll manage 90. There isn't even 90 days left of this year... :(
  • Eat vegetarian at least two days per week
    11 of 31 days in October was vego-days!
  • Post three blog posts per week
    This month has been so-so here on the blog. 1-3 posts per week, ok but not what I want.
  • Complete at least one project for my portfolio
    Nope. But at least I'm trying to get a better overview of what I want to do, plus updated my software... 
  • Take 90 kg in dead-lift and 60 kg in deep squats
    Two new PB's this month! Not in dead-lifts, but in squats (55 kg) and 52,5 kg in bench, closing in! Weird that those two are so close...

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