Wednesday, 29 November 2017

things I think about today

I want to cut or color my hair. But how? Nothing too complicated. 
And not short, that will end up being too sweaty. Also, no bangs, for the same reason :(

I'm currently working on this year's photo-book and we have taken too many photos
But I'm still glad I'm doing this so at least some of them ends up being useful. 
A lot of work though

Today two meetings that I had in my calendar got rescheduled. 
People, check your calendar before booking a meeting! 
And realize that if you cancel or reschedule you are going to make
 the people involved feel like you are not prioritizing them

Should I even continue blogging? It feels like Instagram is just so much more accessible and relaxed.
Although I like this place too.

What should I name my company?! If I ever decide to start one (freelance designer) 
I want a catchy name

All of a sudden, because of reasons, it seems I will only take one course next year. 
If I don't apply for a course via a private school, that is. Which I am considering

It's not possible to get in to any kind of Christmas feeling when you live a 
billion miles away from your family, cold weather or all of the traditions you are used to. 
December begins in a few days? You have to be kidding me

Sorry for a very negative post today. I'm cranky and for some reason a bit sad. 
Probably homesick. 

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